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Criminal Law in Belton, TX

If you've been charged for violating a criminal law in Belton, TX, you may want to explore your options with an attorney at Michael J Magana & Associates. We may be able to help if you've been charged with a state or federal offense.

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For your convenience, we're available Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm, and by appointment on the weekend. We can explain the elements of the crime you've been charged with and discuss the potential penalties. Our goal is to prepare a strong defense on your behalf while pursuing alternative ways to have your case disposed. We locally represent our clients, and we may be able to negotiate directly with the prosecutor who is in charge of your case. When you have a court date, you'll have our attorney at your side.

Michael J Magana & Associates is here when you want a criminal law firm working to protect your rights in the Belton area. We provide attentive and personalized representation for felonies and misdemeanors. For your insightful consultation, contact our office and schedule your appointment today.