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Family Law in Belton, TX

If you're looking for an attorney to assist with a family law issue in Belton, TX, Michael J Magana & Associates is just a call away. Whether you're going through a divorce or legal separation, we can locally represent you throughout the process.

At Your Service

Our attorney will listen closely to your concerns and explain the state laws and regulations that may apply to your legal position. We can draft any legally binding documents on your behalf and file them to be used as part of your case. We provide every client with personalized service, and our attentive lawyer can answer any questions that you have about the legal process. We can negotiate directly with the opposing party while working to arrange alimony or support payments in accordance with your budget.

Retaining a family law firm to help with matters before the courts in Belton or the surrounding areas may allow you to find an easy and quick way to reach a resolution. To schedule your appointment, contact Michael J Magana & Associates so that we may start working to protect your rights.